One of the unique things about EnglishCentral’s digital English language learning solution is that we involve “YOU”.

Teachers don’t get a static piece of content that they can’t edit and must use “as is”. No, they can select from thousands of high quality educational video lessons and lesson plans that fit the needs of their students. Plus, get an instant state of the art digital elearning platform that allows customization and editing of content.

Even better – all schools who adopt our platform can have custom video courses created.  Our team of teachers and curriculum specialists will create branded courses that map to your school’s existing curriculum.

It’s not a difficult process and hundreds of  schools already use custom created EC courses.

Here are the benefits.

  1. Students study video lessons that exactly match and blend with school face to face class language learning objectives
  2. Schools can select the vocabulary they want students to study and we can add this vocab to our unique quiz app.
  3. Schools can create course units corresponding to how much they want students to study each week.  More video lessons = more time studying and practicing.
  4. Custom courses are available for students to study on our mobile apps.   Select My English – Class Courses from the app menu.
  5. Easily swap in or out, video lessons.  Find the video lessons not that good? Too hard? Find something better? Let us know and we’ll update the curriculum for the next semester.  That’s powerful!

Here’s a custom course example created for our partner school ELS and their in-house course curriculum.

Contact us – if interested in knowing more. This infographic details more of the process.

custom course