Vicki Allen, Fujairah Women’s College, UAE

Vicki describes how well EnglishCentral gets demotivated students excited about learning and studying English.  Also how well EnglishCentral helped her students achieve B2 level fluency and graduate to mainstream classes.



Duncan Gallon, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

Duncan used EnglishCentral intensively and ran contests, rewarding students for their achievement on EnglishCentral.  He describes how EnglishCentral is the perfect compliment and homework activity for a blended program.


Nina Hanakova, School Owner, Brno, Czech Rep. 

Nina runs a busy private language school and credits EnglishCentral with allowing her “English without books” program to flourish and sell.

She describes how EnglishCentral allows students to practice their speaking in a “safe” environment.  She also details how EnglishCentral fosters learning autonomy and gets students being responsible for their own progress and learning.


Brenda De Jong, School Founder, Amsterdam, NL 

Brenda runs a busy language school, “The English Center” and she finds EnglishCentral an invaluable selling point for her school.

She describes how she uses the comprehensive reports EnglishCentral provides and how EnglishCentral’s huge library of video lessons and courses on so many topics, help her find something that excites every student.  She is also a big fan of EnglishCentral’s “study anytime, anywhere” mobile apps.

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