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What is EnglishCentral?

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“Our revolutionary methodology uses videos with a Watch – Learn – Speak process so you can learn English for real.”

Video + English Learning

Video is a powerful teaching tool. It brings the real world into the classroom and makes an ordinary lesson come to life, engaging even the more apathetic students.

EnglishCentral offers teachers the chance to use videos in a structured and purposeful way. You can blend our videos within your curriculum or use them as a homework supplement.

How it Works

WATCH a video a day, recommended based on your level and interests. Mark any words you don’t know.
LEARN your new words by filling in the blanks while interacting with the video line.
SPEAK your new words in context, getting instant feedback on your pronunciation and fluency.
GOLIVE! and have a 1-on-1 conversation with a private tutor about the video.

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